Friday, April 25, 2014

Not Perfect

Just heard this (Thank you Bloggess!) 

I can appreciate it.

Random post, I know, but that's how it is today.

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♥ Ally

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Weekly Featured Bag - Black Leather Wristlet with Flowered Lining

What a week!  I am a bit late in posting this, as I've had a full schedule handling a toddler, a stray cat and the usual other four legged children who require my attention.

I originally intended to feature my Bomber Jacket Wristlet.  It was a great little bag that I enjoyed making and was pleased with how it came out.  As fortune would have it, someone saw the same great qualities in it and purchased it through my Etsy shop.

So, with that being the case, I did a quick presto change-o in my plans, so I have decided to show another wristlet.  I see so many wristlets being carried by women and I think it's great.  When I was younger, and a bit of a tomboy, and I wasn't one to carry a bag.  (Don't worry, I have since grown up) These are the perfect size for someone who doesn't want to carry a big bag, however needs to keep a few essentials in hand.

How fun is that!?  Lightweight black leather makes it soft like buttah.  Outside are fun metal accents.  A hook that secures the flap down and a small hook on the handle.

Also, you want to see a blast of color on all that black?  


Yep, the lining is bold and fun.  A metal zipper under the flap keeps all your stuff from falling out.

It's a great accessory and is the perfect size for iPhones, keys, a few cosmetics and your cash and cards.

So there you have it my friends, my Black Leather Wristlet with Flowered Lining.  You can find it and my other wristlets in my shop.

Thanks for looking.

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♥ Ally

Monday, December 30, 2013

Weekly Featured Bag - Red Tweed Winter Statement Bag

Continuing on my weekly feature posts, this week's bag is great for the winter.  Winter actually officially started about a week ago.  Right.  Tell that to the people who have been shoveling snow for a month.

Anyway, this week's bag is a strong statement shoulder bag made from red tweed.  I love this fabric.  It's just amazing to work with.  I get excited to work with a strong, but soft textile and see how the bag is taking shape.  I'm odd that way, I guess.

I've added a few solid accents to the body to offset the main tweed fabric.  They are not overpowering and really add to the classic look of the bag.  The solid stripe at the top and the handle attachments are a simple nice touch.

  I've also used that fabric for the top of the bag.

Notice the double stitching on the zipper, and yes, that's an invisible zipper.  I wanted to let all the fabrics come out and play together without too much distraction.

Inside is a fun patterned lining.  There are two pockets to bring a bit of organization to it all.

The strap drop is 10 inches for just the right amount of comfort.  I don't know about you, but I don't want to fight a bag when I put it on my shoulder.   I'm too busy and usually too rushed to have to play contortionist with my arm to get it propped up where I need it.  This strap drop is perfect to avoid that.

You can find this bag here and all of my crooked little creations here.

Thanks for looking.

Until next time,
♥ Ally

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas 
to you and yours

Monday, December 23, 2013

Weekly Featured Bag - Gray Shoulder Bag

This is the first of a series I plan on doing to show bags I have made.  I'll highlight one bag each week.  That's the plan anyway.  Like many handmade artists, every single item that I make is special to me.  Each one is one of a kind.  I may use the same style in different bags, but each one has its own unique touches, textiles, etc.

This week's featured bag is a traditional shoulder bag.

It is a great accessory for the working gal.  It has a great professional look with gray exterior and interior.  The blue stripe pattern adds to its understated look.   

The interior has two pockets, side by side, to keep you organized.  (I hate scouring around in my bag for my cell phone, especially when it's ringing!)

The strap drop is a comfortable 9 inches.  

You can find this bag (and more) in my shop, here.

Thanks for checking it out.

Until next time,
♥ Ally

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Happy Fourth of July

Today my mail lady said in passing, "Have a happy Fourth."  It brought to memory a fourth of July that had some impact on me.

My husband and I lived abroad as expats for two years.  His job took us to England for a project that he was working on.  Going through an overseas move was an arduous process and took sooo long to complete.  I wanted to think that an exciting adventure was ahead of us.  Actually as we were on the plane on our final trip to England, I wanted to throw up.  My husband is from Central America, so life outside of the USA wasn't so difficult for him to accept, although he has lived in the US since college.  For me, I grew up in farmland midwest America and moving to Florida in the 80's was oh so edgy.  Living outside of the US was not something I ever thought of, but was willing to give it a try.  

One particular July 4th, we did a long weekend trip from England to the Netherlands.  Cheap European travel was one of the few perks of living there.  My husband's birthday is also on July 4th, so it was a double purpose get away.  As we were being typical tourists in Amsterdam, I noticed a very very odd feeling, and I it didn't come from an Amsterdam cafe.  

People were going about their day as if it were any other day.  

I mean, it was July 4th.  American Independence Day.  The day that our nation celebrates its independence from tyrannical rule, the Boston Tea Party, the incredible victory of the Revolutionary War.  The day we remind ourselves of how great our nation is and all that we have available to us.  To everyone I saw, it was just... Saturday.  

How very odd it was to see the rest of the world carry on when I had always known it as a day to stop and celebrate.  Yes, we were obviously a long way from home, but heck, we Americans even toast to our southern neighbor's independence on Cinco de Mayo.  Margaritas anyone?  

Our world seems to be getting smaller and smaller through faster technology and unlimited air travel.  Heck it stands to reason, the ocean is only a wet speed bump.  You can get from New York to London in less time than it takes to put in a day at the office.  Yet, our country is a unique place in the world.  Yes, we have lots of challenges, just watch the news for an hour.  You'll think we're falling into the ocean in a ball of fire.  

In spite of what anyone thinks or says, I'll take my American life over anything else out there.  The liberties that I enjoy are too many to list.  So, on this American celebration, enjoy your sparklers, fireworks and bbq's.  This truly is a country like no other.

Until next time,
♥ Ally

Thursday, June 27, 2013


This whole blogging business is just so difficult for me to wrap my mind around sometimes.  I read LOTS of blogs.  I enjoy seeing furniture make-overs and pattern adjustments.  Many of these I see on Pinterest, others on Bloglovin' and it peeks my interest and gets the mental gears going for me.

Repurpose old furniture?  Heck yeah.

Put a $10 locker to good use?  Show me!

Turn driftwood into rustic art?  I'm in.

Show me what's in your bag?  wait, what? 

There is another side of the whole blogosphere world that just makes me scratch my head and say, huh?  I'm just not sure some things are 'blog-worthy'.  Now, it may be a new blogger trying to find their legs, and I'm very okay with that.  I'm a novice at it too.  Perhaps it's someone who doesn't have the content and they're trying to fill space to keep the ads going?  

I have seen a good share of DIY posts that make me wonder why on earth would you do that?  I recently read one that someone made a fabric shade by using spray adhesive to a roller blind to make it look fabric-like and soft, similar to this one from Restoration Hardware.  It was a good attempt.  I have to say though the outcome seemed mediocre.  

"What's in my bag" is a common post where bloggers empty their handbags and photograph and categorize and detail what they carry around with them.  You see celebrities doing these for magazines too.  Maybe I'm just a bit more private, but are we such a voyeristic society that we need to see what is a woman's handbag?  Some things should be left a mystery.  Maybe it's to show that we're all normal and carry way to much crap around with us every day.  I dunno.

Google "What's in my bag" and you get these images

Maybe it's all just me and my mindset of weighing what I have to say and whether it's worth putting out there for all the world to witness.  I tend to fall on the conservative side of that fence.  More than likely it's just that I don't want to photograph a two year old chapstick and a mangled chewing gum package and show you all.  

Until next time,
♥ Ally